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After School

An excellent extracurricular program for children after school hours, providing parents with a valuable option.


After School Activities program

Falcon Warriors After School Program: Unleash Potential, Fuel Fun!

Discover the perfect blend of education, enrichment, and physical activity with the Falcon Warriors After School Program. Designed to create an environment where your child’s growth and enjoyment are at the heart of every moment, our program offers an exceptional experience for students aged 4 to 17.

 Why Choose Falcon Warriors After School Program?
1. Academic Support: Our program prioritizes education. With dedicated time for homework, assignments, and reading, we ensure your child receives the academic support they need to excel in school.
2. Enrichment Activities: Beyond academics, we provide a range of engaging enrichment activities. Your child’s interests will flourish in a vibrant and supportive setting, from creative projects to life skills development.
3. Taekwondo Excellence: Choose between two or three taekwondo classes a week as part of the program. Watch your child’s confidence, discipline, and physical fitness soar as they immerse themselves in the martial arts world.
4. Experienced Staff: Our skilled staff is committed to creating a nurturing and safe environment. With extensive experience in education and martial arts, they guide students on their growth journey.
5. Flexible Options: Opt for Two or Three Classes a Week membership to cater to your child’s interests and schedule. We’re here to provide the best fit for your family.
6. Transportation Assistance: While we don’t offer transportation currently, we can connect you with trusted private transportation services in the area to accommodate your needs.
Fueling Potential, Fostering Fun: Your Child’s Ideal After-School Haven
We understand that choosing the right after-school program is an important decision. Falcon Warriors After School Program isn’t just a place for children to spend time; it’s a place to thrive, learn, and explore their passions. Whether your child is diving into academics, discovering their creative side, mastering taekwondo skills, or building lasting friendships, our program is designed to make every moment count.
Secure Your Spot Today!
Contact us at 786-691-0625 or fwtaca@gmail.com to learn more and enroll your child in the Falcon Warriors After School Program. Give your child the gift of an enriching, exciting, and empowering after-school experience that ignites their potential and sets the stage for lifelong success. Spaces are limited, so take this opportunity to invest in your child’s future now!
  • School pick-up service
  • Dedicated homework time
  • Educational activities
  • High-speed internet access
  • Inclusive Martial Arts classes
  • Program available until 6:00PM


Martial arts can contribute to the holistic development of your child.

48% of working women

find it challenging to arrange activities for their children

59% of American parents

who enroll their children in after-school programs can maintain their jobs.


rates have decreased by 50% since the establishment of After School programs.


has been successfully implemented in the USA for over 12 years.


have the opportunity to work longer hours due to this system.


have experienced improvements in combating obesity.

  • Fosters punctuality and commitment
  • Cultivates awareness and care for the environment
  • Promotes happiness and fun
  • Encourages self-love and empathy towards others
  • Enhances attention and focus
  • Instills respect for oneself and others
  • Improves school performance
  • Develops motor skills
  • Promotes bullying prevention